Membership Levels

Membership gives you access to Playopolis on a monthly fee basis rather than a pay-per play session. For the majority of our customer base membership works out as the cheaper option. Along with access each membership level also gives you additional benefits.

All membership allows you to stay in any given session for up to 4 hours (if we’re not packed you’re welcome to stay longer). Your membership card will be sent via Royal Mail – if you wish to visit before your card arrives simply tell the team your account username or email on this site!

Personal Membership:
Unlimited Access & 10% off Food & Drink.

Family Membership:
2 Adults + 2 Children Unlimited Membership (or 3 children, 1 adult). 10% off Food & Drink

Gold Membership:
Unlimited Access with 2 Guests, 15% Off Food & Drink, Priority Event Tickets & 10% off Game purchases

Off peak membership offers same perks as standard membership however can not be used on weekends. 

Level Price  
Free Member Free Select
Personal Membership £7.95 per Month. Select
Family Membership £13.95 per Month. Select
Gold Membership £19.95 per Month. Select
Off-Peak Personal Membership £4.95 per Month. Select
Off Peak Family Membership £9.95 per Month. Select